The Following

The Following - A KVCG Production
The first adventure

(Character A) is a peasant teenager. [Age 15-17; Sex M/F; Class Peasant/Vagabond/Ley Priest/Rogue; Level 1] This is an attractive child with many local contacts. [M.A. 13+; P.B. 15+] He/she grew up in the starting area and is well-known due to ties to a local business/constabulary. Only minor details are necessary about the character’s history and beliefs, as there are few details to tell in this simple setting where war and famine have never been known.

(In my first run at this campaign, Character A was a peasant girl with some knowledge of healing and herbalism, having been trained as a future leader of a womens’ circle in her village. The village tavern keeper/liveryman was her father, and she was an apprentice of the current leader of the womens’ circle. Little more was known about her beyond that.)

(The Setting) is a small town named Hollus in a remote area of the world that is known as the Fenland. Hollus is the largest of a six-village conglomerate that spans approximately 250 square miles in a venerable kingdom called Laren. This area remains isolated largely because of the close-knit relationship between the six villages, keeping the population uninvolved with the world beyond, as they need little from outside to provide.


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